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Understanding the Difference Between Sectional and Roller Doors

24 February 2022

A lot of customers ask one question when choosing a garage door: which is the best, a roller garage door or a sectional garage door?

It’s not an easy question to answer because the answer will depend on what you want from your garage door. What’s more important to you: how attractive your new door looks, how energy efficient it is, or how likely it is to resist a break-in?

Deciding on style and design begins with thinking about what you want. Here are five comparisons to think about when choosing either a roller or a sectional garage door.


For tight spaces, roller and sectional garage doors both have the advantage of opening vertically without swinging outwards. However, they open differently. Sectional garage doors slide onto ceiling-mounted runners in the garage, slat by slat, when opened, instead of rolling back into a barrel mounted at the top of the door.

Different mechanisms require different amounts of garage space, which can affect your decision. A roller door requires twice as much headroom as a sectional door for its lifting mechanism when you install a standard-sized garage door. On the other hand, roller doors do not need runner hardware across the ceiling, so if your garage has a low ceiling, this option may make more sense.


Either door type works well when the garage door opening is of a standard size. When it comes to a larger garage with two garage doors, sectional doors are the more suitable as they take up less interior space. When comparing widths of non-standard doors, you should also consider that roller doors have a maximum width of around six metres, whereas sectional doors can go up to about eight metres wide.


The garage door’s appearance is as important to homeowners as its functionality, especially if the garage is attached to their house and visible from the street. Your new garage door should match your home, which is why there are so many colours and finishes available in either type of door.

Due to their rolling mechanism, roller doors do not differ much in design because they require thin horizontal slats. However, roller doors are available in many colours. On the other hand, sectional garage doors offer a greater range of customization options, including different panel designs, grain effects, and a vast range of colours. You can even have them styled to match your front door for a coordinated look.

Another design option to consider is garage door windows. The majority of roller doors do not have windows, and if they do, they are only be fitted with thin bands of glass. Sectional garage doors are available with glass windows in various shapes, styles, and glazing.


There are single-panel and double-panel versions of roller and sectional garage doors. Although a single panel garage door is cheaper and not specifically designed for insulation, it will likely still perform better than your old door when installed correctly. The best level of protection comes when you select a double panel door. The dual panel doors have better insulation, and this feature may be something you value highly. Compared to roller doors, sectional doors are more insulating because of their slat arrangement and seals.


There will be limitations to the level of security provided by the basic versions of either style. Double panelled doors are more secure, so apart from providing insulation, they also provide extra strength and guard against intruders. Of course, should you choose a quality-made door, thieves will face a tough challenge.

As a result of their design, sectional garage doors are sturdier than typical roller doors. However, they can also be less secure if you use an insufficient locking mechanism. The lack of a good locking mechanism can cause the door to be a weak security spot. Improve the security of sectional doors with a euro cylinder lock. Sectional doors can also be automated, which removes the need for a basic lock system and an obvious entry point – although this is less common than on roller doors.

The best garage door for you will depend on the type of garage door you want. Roller garage doors could be the ideal solution for saving space and enhancing security. However, as an alternative, a sectional garage door would be more appropriate for a larger garage and offer more design flexibility and improved insulation.





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