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Sectional Doors

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Complement your home with captivating colorbond sectional garage doors from Out Front Garage Doors. We provide Quality WA made sectional garage doors from tough BlueScope colorbond materials, designed to last in the harsh Australian climate while enhancing the look of your home for years to come. A garage door often incorporates up to at least a third of the front of your home, with this in mind, we are here to help you choose with confidence a door to suit every home. With the many different profiles we have to offer, there will be a door to complement the time and effort you have already put into designing the look of your home.

sectional garage doors

Safety features of our sectional doors include:

Finger proof  safety design – This unique design not only provides safety for your family in preventing any part of the body from being caught between the panels during operation, it also seals the door from any weather elements entering the garage.

Auto reverse system – All motors sold by us utilise a safety sensitivity system, that will automatically reverse the door if any obstruction is detected by the motor.

Steel hinges – Adjustable hinges made from steel that not only provide extra strength to the door, they can be adjusted to suit any type of brickwork to ensure minimal gaps between your garage wall and the door.

Heavy duty bottom rail – All doors are fitted with a heavy duty aluminium extruded bottom rail to increase strength and prevent panel deflection when in the open position, also fitted with a quality rubber seal to help prevent weather ingress to the garage.

Photo eye beam –   An electrical beam aimed just above floor level to detect any animals and small children etc, and will automatically reverse the door once detected, or to be used with an auto close function on a timer.

Fully hemmed edges on the inside of all panels and reinforcement windstruts.

Full bearing nylon coated rollers for a smooth and quiet operation within the tracking system.

Our doors are fitted with a spring system designed to last more than 20 000 cycles.

All colorbond sectional doors are finished off with a slightly textured finish, however we can also provide a powder coated smooth finish made from a slightly stronger gauge material and powder coated to a colour of your choice.

There are 6 different types of sectional doors.

Profile descriptions:



A design which complements modern architectural style homes, With a gentle line definition, this simple elegant design features a V-join effect of cedar panelling.



This design is a bolder line finish, which replicates traditional weather board finish with a stronger, bolder line finish.



A very modern design, with a subtle textured finish, free from any lines or squares, this panel will suit almost any house finish.



Finished with large rectangular embossments ( Windows also available )



Finished in 6 medium size rectangular embossments equally spaced ( windows also available )



Finished with smaller square embossments equally spaced ( Windows also available )

Please see our window options chart for that extra finishing touch. Windows are available in a clear or tinted finish.


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