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Preventive Maintenance Guide for Garage Doors

28 March 2022

Your garage door plays an important role in the everyday life of your household. Whenever you or another member of your family drives to work, school, entertainment events or the shopping mall, your garage door(s) opens and closes as you leave your garage.

This door is essential for protecting your vehicle from harsh weather conditions. It also helps ensure the safety and security of your car (or cars), preventing possible theft or vandalism.

Useful Preventive Maintenance Guide for Garage Doors

The following tips from experts can serve as a condensed preventive maintenance guide for your garage doors:

1. Observe Door Performance. Watch the action of your garage door frequently. Check it for smooth, quiet operation without any signs of jerky or uneven movement. If the door squeaks or makes a raspy, scraping noise while opening and closing, it needs maintenance and possibly requires repairs.

If this uneven movement or noise continues, contact your local garage door maintenance company to schedule a service call. It is not uncommon for frequently used garage doors to become slightly unbalanced at times from the heavy use that they receive.

With expert advice and assistance when needed, you can keep these sturdy doors in excellent operating condition for many years. It is important to inspect any unusual action of these doors immediately to avoid any serious damage from occurring before the issue is corrected.

2. Inspect Rollers for Wear and Damage. Your garage door rollers should be inspected twice each year for smooth action. In general, they need to be replaced about every seven years, and sometimes more often with very active family use, to ensure good ongoing operation.

Any signs of wear-and-tear or damage indicate that your rollers need replacement. You can remove roller brackets yourself to replace the rollers if the brackets are not directly connected to the door’s cable system.

3. Tighten Hardware When Needed. The vibrations that occur every time your garage door opens and closes can eventually loosen the door’s hardware. You can tighten any loose roller brackets and bolts by using a socket wrench.

4. Lubricate Moving Door Parts. By keeping the moving parts of your garage door lubricated, you can enjoy its flawless operation regularly. To ensure smooth action of the opener’s chain or screw, apply white Lithium grease. Give the overhead springs a protective coating of a lubricant spray that is recommended by the door manufacturer or service company.

By contacting our experts at Out Front Garage Doors located in Pearsall, WA, you can obtain top-rated advice concerning the best preventive maintenance measures for your garage doors. Our experienced team can answer any questions that you may have concerning the ongoing care of your home’s garage doors.

They also can supply any replacement parts that you may need if your doors begin to malfunction or show signs of wear and tear. Our team is well-prepared to assist you in keeping your attractive and practical garage doors in excellent working condition throughout all seasons of the year.

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