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Assess Your Garage Door if It’s Operating Smoothly or Simply Buy a New One

09 August 2022

Your garage door also needs upkeep. Thus, it also needs regular maintenance to perform efficiently and maintain its functionality like the other important parts of your home. To avoid incurring huge expenses on costly repairs for overlooking minor damages, here are the preventive maintenance tips to keep your garage door operating smoothly.

Observe Your Garage Door

To offer better protection and security, performing preventive maintenance for your garage door is very important. The most important preventive maintenance you can perform is to carefully observe your garage door. Observe if it is moving smoothly or if it is suddenly jerking in some places. In this way, you can easily perform a preventive step so as not to worsen the issue.  A damaged garage door can potentially jeopardise your safety and security as well as that of your family. Conducting preventive maintenance assures you that your garage door still serves its purpose and is still in good working condition. Hence, preventive maintenance is key to providing a higher level of security for your entire household and keeping your garage operating smoothly.

Examine and Tighten the Hardware

The daily movements and vibrations that your garage door experience in a year can greatly contribute to loosening its hardware. So, as a preventive step, always examine your garage door and tighten the loose hardware, roller brackets, and bolts. Conducting this preventive maintenance for your garage door also allows you to check for damage and deterioration. It minimises the potential risk of sudden garage door malfunction because preventive maintenance involves constant inspection to ensure that your garage door stays in perfect order all year.

Assess if Your Garage Door is Properly Balanced

Performing preventive maintenance to keep your garage door operating smoothly can go a long way. Another preventive step to take is to assess if your garage door is properly balanced. Test the garage door balance, if it is the opposite, your garage door opener must work harder and would eventually give up. One way to test if your garage door is balanced is to manually move your garage door halfway and if you noticed that it does not stay put, then your garage door is not properly balanced.

Replace and Inspect Rollers

Another preventive step to take is to inspect your rollers twice a year to check if your rollers are already chipped or cracked. If so, it is an indication that your rollers need to be replaced immediately. Conducting this preventive garage door maintenance and inspection means you won’t have to constantly worry about strangers getting inside your home due to a cracked roller that causes your garage door to not work properly.

Lubricate Moving Parts

You also must have to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door. It is very important to keep your garage door greased up to prolong its lifespan and add years of seamless operation.

Check Cables

Checking the cables of your garage door helps avoid sudden garage door malfunction which can cause great inconvenience for your home. The easiest way to detect a damaged cable is to check near the bottom roller bracket of your garage door.

If all the steps above have been done and everything continues to fail and instead of paying huge repair costs, it would be best to buy a new one. You can contact us at Out Front Garage Doors and we will help you with your garage door needs and requirements.

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